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Fans of the Shin Megami Tensei series will have the chance to discover an all new episode in this post-apocalyptic adventure, featuring demon summoning, negotiations, and fusions, along with 3D dungeon exploration. Players can take advantage of enemy weaknesses in combat through the press-turn combat system. Demons can be conversed with through negotiations, and demons can be strengthened by combining them through the fusion system. Sega has certainly taken notice of this surprising trend and have decided to join the wave.

Their Atlus produced demon collecting series, Shin Megami Tenseihas produced a brand new entry.

SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 – 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Out This Game

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 has arrived with everything fans have appreciated the series for. Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 :. When you unlock enough three to four star ranked demons, those are the only type of allies you should bring into every battle.

You should also consider the elemental weaknesses of the demons that will pop up during your next mission — study up on them beforehand and build your party accordingly. Also, try to fulfill the requirements needed to Limit Break them.

Be prepared for stronger competition by leveling up your favorite demons through replaying past battles and farming EXP. You can Summon them, create new ones via Fusion, and simply talk them into joining your roster. That last option only pops up during battle and you should never pass up the opportunity to have a quick convo. You should only rely on this option when an especially strong and rare demon wants to speak with you.

Feel your way through the conversation based on the way they respond to you. Honesty is always key, too. Picking up the same demons via talking should give you extra demons that can be put towards Fusion and Enhancing.

D×2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation OST - Title Screen

During battle, a request may pop up that requires you to either aid them with an attack or simply cheer them on. Once you make it back to the Story Quests screen, tap on the rotating icons around the screen. You can send out even more Friend Requests, plus Praise other players so you can earn even more Fame. The Store lets you purchase a whole bunch of items. Clicking on this option gives you access to special dialogue segments. By Elton Jones.

Updated Aug 2, at pm. The Art of Demon Battle. Published Aug 2, at pm.To edit tier lists you need to use [ edit ] link above page. Tier List consists of table rows that use template Tier List Row. Columns divided with. Another Eden Wiki. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. Google translate can help with browsing JP site, just copy site link there.

Table is not auto sorted. You have to put rows in correct order by rating manualy. Altema Character Evaluation List. If the character's manifest is still unreleased, they wont be as good in the GL version. Consult the Weapon Manifestation wiki page to find out the status of their manifest weapon. Featured Free Characters Tutorial Encounter. Story Chapters Intial Story Quests 1. Page tools Page tools. Userpage tools. Felmina manifest. Yuna AS. Elga manifest. Nagi AS. Suzette manifest. Renri manifest.

Shanie AS. Akane AS. Cerrine manifest. Gariyu AS. Melina manifest. Azami manifest. Dewey manifest.You can backup your data, uninstall, reinstall, and see what you get. But no one wants to do that. So we're going to look at using Nox to reroll, as well as what to look for while rerolling.

When you start the game, you'll get a guaranteed 4-Star demon and a banner for a 3- to 5-Star demon. But as you can guess, pulling a 5-Star demon isn't the only reason to reroll, with pulling more powerful initial 4-Stars and getting better Archetypal colors coming into play.

Let's look at the fastest way to reroll. First, you're going to download Nox on your PC. If you've ever downloaded a program from the internet, you should know how to run the install file and set everything up.

After that, enter the email and password linked to your account and agree to the Nox ToS.

Shin Megami Tensei Wiki Dx2

You can skip the payment screen. There's a consensus that even if you're rerolling 80 accounts, you can stop if you get certain 5-Star demons, such as:. However, many players know that Archetypes can be more important to look for than Star Level.

The different archetypes are:. Almost every Archetype's awakened states deal some type of damage, although there are some Demons, such as Metatron, who have restorative Archetype skills when awakened. That's all you need to know about rerolling in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2and what to look for when doing it.

As with any gacha game, the amount of times you reroll is really up to you, your playstyle, and whether you're playing PvE or PvP. Got any tips on rerolling or which Demons players should be on the lookout for? Let us know in the comments!

Beginner's Guide

Jonathan Moore Editor in Chief. Published Sep. Xbox Articles.Extremely powerful Servants whose general performance can compete even with higher rarity Servants.

Far from being just a token character for story purposes, Mash is a highly reliable support Servant. As a Shielder, Mash has no class weaknesses while packing a skill set that provides plenty of defensive support, making her highly valuable for challenging battles.

Her Noble Phantasm, with its powerful party defense buffs, has high uptime thanks to the massive NP generation buff on Shield of Rousing Resolution, and is also upgraded after a certain part of the story. In general, her skill set and NP make Mash one of the best in the business at improving the survivability of the entire party, or protecting a dedicated damage dealer.

While this cute eggplant might have some slight issues, like her story-locked progression and her poor damage potential, they are trivial compared to the sheer defensive value that she brings to the table. His strong offense is supplemented by an absurd amount of defensive options including his famous Bond Craft Essence, Castle of Snow.

His survivability is a trait that very few Berserkers in the game can boast, further cementing his simple but effective gameplay. While his offensive ceiling is comparatively lower in more specialized teams, and his team utility is virtually nonexistent, Heracles is still an excellent Servant who can carry newer players far into the game.

His damage output is thus simply outrageous, with a powerful Overcharge effect and naturally high NP level thanks to his welfare status. All in all, Sakata Kintoki Rider is a powerful Rider for any Master, no matter how diverse and levelled their roster.

Her access to a combination of a powerful Noble Phantasm damage multiplier, strong offensive steroids and a formidable critical damage boost gives her an utterly terrifying NPBB chain. She is capable of obliterating most targets in one go, especially if she has top tier offensive supports like Waver or Merlin catering to her. In fact, she is usually capable of spreading out her buffs and NP across two turns for back-to-back devastation. While her inherently selfish playstyle and lack of survivability prowess requires the team to be built around her, Lancer Alter burst potential is simply outstanding, cementing her as a top tier offensive Lancer for general purposes.

A sublime welfare in all regards. In addition, she outputs formidable damage due to her welfare status, while her defences and utility remain up to par. Still, Shiki can be rather fragile. His ability to help the entire team survive enemy NPs via his Attack Down debuffs is a unique commodity that few Servants possess, let alone such a high damage Servant. His drawbacks are still there though, as extracting Yagyu Munenori's full capability is difficult.

With many competing effects on his skills, Masters often need to sacrifice offense for defense or vice versa. In addition, many bosses resist, cleanse or otherwise circumvent his Attack Down efforts. With his buffs lasting for a single turn and often delayed to hit the right timing, Yagyu Munenori typically lacks the on-demand damage potential of competing Sabers such as Lancelot Saber.

Still, she is not perfect. She lacks any survival skills whatsoever, and she is fairly draw dependent when it comes to unleashing her full damage potential or charging her NP Gauge with that bonker single Arts card. Either way, she has a firm hold here with an unanimous placement into Tier 1 as her performance at NP1 is exceedingly powerful.

The de facto Avenger slayer in the game, BB is the only member of the elusive Mooncancer class for now.Last Updated on July 27, Since there are too many aspects to understand the whole game, it could be difficult for the beginners to figure out what to do! Well, there is no such unique mechanics in this game, everything is same as other turn-based strategy games except the name of attributes, in-game currency, items, and supplies.

In the game, you have to build a party of demons and defeat the enemies in the battle to progress. The game starts with a tutorial that guides you the basics; demons, summoning, battle, and much more. You start the game from story quests mode in which you complete the chapters and earn XP, supplies, Macca, Mag, and many more items.

As you gain more XP or clear the chapters, you will obtain more demons, your character will level up. Leveling up unlocks access to the new feature such as Aura Gate, Black Market, Pandemonium, and more. In the battle, you can choose up to four demons and one support demon.

In this part, we will learn about the demons, leader, party management, skills, summoning, items, fusion, and much more. Make sure to read everything. These are the main characters. You can pick up to four demons for the battle. Keep in mind that the stats, grade, skills, the power of each demon are different. You can obtain high-quality 3-star demons through fusion and summoning.

Well, the game features plenty of demons and it would be difficult to figure out the best demons in the game. All you need to do is compare their stats and skills and pick the best four demons in the battle. Select a team. After it, tap the demon you want to remove and on the next screen, you will see a complete list of demons you have. Select anyone to replace. When you level up, you earn skill points.

dx2 tier list reddit

You can use these points to learn skills. How to spend these points? Summoning is one of the main ways to obtain the demons. You can earn gems as a reward check the gift option on the main screenby completing the missions, quests or achievements, from safe. There are three ways to summon; superior using gemsnormal summon filesand fragment.

Most of the features are accessed through hideout. It is different from summoning feature as you will have to sacrifice two demons in order to get a new one.

Depending on their grades, you will get a new demon for free. Multi features would be locked. Select normal and you will get two options; Demons to use and Demons to make. Demons To Make — Select the desired output and then check out the required demons for fusion.

To play this mode, you need action points and you can access it through the map.

dx2 tier list reddit

Keep in mind that there is a specific time when it gets opened. In this mode, you clear the floors. At each floor, you battle against demons, gatekeepers, and many more enemies. From here you can obtain many precious rewards. After a season ends, you will receive the reward based in your rank.Our Cookie Policy has been updated. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to these updates. For additional information visit here. I agree. A tier list is a ranking system that allows you to rank anything in tiers from the best to worst.

You use our tier list maker to quickly create your own, unique and interactive template that anyone can use. Best Tales Of Waifu. Special Operations Units Tier List. Gen 1 Pokemon!

dx2 tier list reddit

Jester Ranks Off! Ranking Fruit. Yu-Gi-Oh Characters Ranked!!! Pandemics Final. British Carvery! Pandemics Part 2. My Romance Anime. The Marvel Cinematic Universe! Days of the Week! Pandemics Part 1. All Time Favorites. British Takeaways! Starter Pokemon!

TellTale Games! Bird Pokemon! NFL Quarterbacks. NHL Teams. Premier League Clubs. NBA Players. WWE Entire Roster. See All Tempates. Presidential Candidates. Democratic Candidates: Debate Performance. Leftists and other communists. European Countries. World Flags. Historical and Contemporary Socialists. Candidatos ao cargo de Vice Presidente em The United States of America. Romanian Leaders.

NBA Teams.Not convinced if you should download the game on your mobile? The story that makes the game interesting which lets us dwell into the mysterious world of demons. After years into its series, Atlus has never failed to generate an interesting story for their games.

With many interesting characters in the game like Taro Fuse, Rika Ryuzouji and more, there are plenty of hilarious conversations as well. Players will also get to converse with demons as well to bring them to your side Demon Talk which is a feature brought over from the previous SMT series like in Nocturne.

However, if you could learn the trick, it can seem easy. Since it is a Japanese game, the combat system follows the traditional strategic turn-based battle system. As each demon have their own strength and weaknesses, players will need to form their teams strategically consisting of the different elements to counter or resist. Of course, there are also Brands that can give positive effects which enhances or further strengthens your demons.

As mentioned, Demon Talks do occur during combat which will allow players to recruit demons unexpectedly and randomly. OR you can try fusing your demons to get a new demon — with an already complete guide of recipe in the game that tells you what you need to get what you want!

There are at least 32 Demon races in the game and each of them have a short description about them. If you are in need of a new profile picture, you can even take a picture with your favorite Demons with the AR mode! Now go show off your favorite Demons by taking a picture with them! You might not notice it but there are many game modes in there which will keep you on your toes. We even had an interview with the producer of the game, Furuichi Noriowhere he revealed that there might just be a collaboration with other IPs as well in the future!

Most importantly, the game is F2P friendly. Even the developer of the game mentioned in a video they posted that the game is unlike most games out there which offers F2P players the same capability to reach the level of paying users. For more info, you can check out their official site or their official Facebook page. September 6, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.


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